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Project Overview

The Kent Clinic is a new hospital campus, designed to offer excellent conditions for clinical practice, serving the needs of the population of Kent. The buildings will be able to deliver complex surgical care, day treatment and outpatient consultation for a variety of clinical specialities. The hospital is being privately funded but will accept referrals from the NHS and Consultants’ private practice according to need. The centre will be unique in offering Consultants working throughout Kent the opportunity to provide complex treatments for their patients in a fully equipped and properly staffed setting, close to home and without the need to travel to London Teaching Hospitals. Local healthcare needs for the most demanding conditions will be met locally for the first time.

The Kent Clinic is conceived as a series of buildings forming a healthcare campus. The development of individual centres of care relates directly to patient need and clinical governance, each centre will offer specialist clinical services. Clinical staff will be able to move freely through glazed links between buildings, allowing cross-disciplinary care to be delivered throughout the centre. Patients are also able to move internally between buildings should the need for additional investigation or specialist care arise, but in the main, internal circulation for visitors will be limited to one building, reducing isolation and confusion often encountered in more traditional hospital settings. The buildings form a group around the access road and car parks, ensuring efficient external circulation with minimal distances from entrances to car parking spaces.

The site will be heavily landscaped to create an environment that is beneficial to both building users and native plant and animal species.

The design concept includes integrating green roofs and an innovative green wall into the scheme; enhancing views into the site, outlook from buildings and the bio-diversity of the development. A new roundabout will be formed to the south, allowing efficient vehicular access to the site and improving the junction to New Cut Road and Bearsted Road. A new access road heads north into the site, being diverted to the east to minimise the visual impact of the road on the existing landscape when viewed from the south. The road ultimately joins the internal car park and road system of the Kent Clinic rising up the bank to serve building entrances and car parking.

Project Programme

Project Start Date - 30th March 2012
Project Completion Date - 31st January 2014