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Born to Build Campaign targets tomorrow’s construction stars

Born to Build Campaign targets tomorrow’s construction stars

Do you know a young person who may be considering a career in construction? Point them towards Born To Build today.

Implemented to encourage and motivate young people to consider a career in construction, the Born to Build campaign has officially launched online.

Tapping into the next generation’s insatiable thirst for all things social media, this multi-platform and multi-channel campaign not only provides a go-to website, packed with great stories, advice, projects and suggested routes into construction careers, as well as busting a few myths and pre-conceptions about building. There is also a lively Twitter feed for people to access and join in on.

Sitting at the heart of Born to Build are the inspiring young people already building brilliant and successful careers in construction and associated industries.

VINCI Construction UK is represented by our very own Philip Davies, Environmental (Site) Manager, who discusses his own career path and ambitions.

Born to Build is also a pre-cursor to the next Open Doors weekend campaign, which will take place on 6th-7th March 2015; the nationwide UKCG event where a number of key construction and engineering firms invite the public to visit their sites, getting a unique insight into what goes on beyond the hoarding.

Date: 18/07/2014

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