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Andrew Ridley-Barker to address London Infrastructure Summit

Andrew Ridley-Barker to address London Infrastructure Summit

VINCI Construction UKís Managing Director, Andrew Ridley-Barker, is among a line-up of influential speakers scheduled to address an audience of experts at the 2014 London Infrastructure Summit.

Industry experts will present their views on the areas most critical to managing Londonís world-class status, the most promising opportunities for developing Londonís infrastructure and how we can learn from market leaders.

Joining Andrew on the stage will be Mayor of London Boris Johnson, Deputy Chair of Transport for London Isabel Dedring, and key decision makers at organisations such as Arup, Bechtel and UK Power Networks.

Fitting with this yearís theme of Infrastructure fit for the world city, Andrew will present on Londonís need for a long-term infrastructure plan.

He will explain how a cityís future performance relies on three key factors: political consensus on infrastructure, diverse financial investment and strong leadership in programme management.

Andrew will emphasise the need to achieve this by separating infrastructure planning from political agendas and streamlining programme delivery by removing the constraints of bureaucracy.

Date: 17/03/2014

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