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Stand Out! Make a Difference

Stand Out! Make a Difference

VINCI Construction UK supports employees who wish to volunteer within the community by allowing them an additional days paid leave to do so. The company initiative is called STAND OUT! MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

A team of Taylor Woodrow employees from the Tottenham Court Road Station Upgrade project recently took part in a volunteer day at the Barnsbury Estate near Kings Cross Station as part of a community garden project run by charitable organisation, Newlon Fusion.

A large proportion of the residents on the estate are on low incomes and over half of the young adults live below the poverty line. Further statistics show that 91% of residents do not exercise regularly and 64% do not eat healthily.

With just 5,000 to completely transform the garden into a space that the whole community could use, the volunteers set to work building benches out of donated wooden pallets, planting in the newly constructed flower beds, hanging and planting wall planters, planting trees and levelling an area of ground ready to plant a large flower bed.

Date: 13/06/2016

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