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VINCI UK Foundation support for Foundation Enterprises North West

VINCI UK Foundation support for Foundation Enterprises North West

Foundation Enterprises North West (FENW) is one of four VINCI Construction UK projects to have been awarded employee and financial support by the VINCI UK Foundation for a year-long project aimed at tackling social exclusion.

The original VINCI Foundation was established in France in May 2002 and since then has supported 1,650 projects with 20 million in financial grants. The UK Foundation was launched earlier this year by VINCI companies: Bachy Soletanche, Eurovia, VINCI Concessions, VINCI Construction Grands Projets, VINCI Construction UK and VINCI Energies. Between them the companies have awarded a total of circa 170K in grants to 19 projects.

The aim of the Foundation is to benefit organisations which implement projects that tackle social exclusion, improve access to employment and housing and foster greater community integration.

FENW is Cheshire Wests contracted provider of services to homeless people. A 10,000 grant and the assistance of employees from VINCI Construction UK will help to transform an existing kitchen to provide a medical room and create a brand new kitchen where hot meals can be prepared and residents can learn about food and nutrition and improve their cookery and life skills. This will enable FENW to help even more people to make the transformation from homelessness to a more positive lifestyle.

Will Grattan, Senior Design Manager from VINCI Construction UKs Building division is the project sponsor and has undertaken to help out on a regular basis by providing advice on the construction project and ongoing support through careers advice, interview practice and site visits for residents ready to return to work.

I am delighted that the VINCI UK Foundation has chosen to support FENW, said Will Grattan. We will develop a strong partnership which over the course of the next 12 months will enhance the provision of services at Richmond Court. As a resident of Chester I am proud to be able to offer expertise and advice which will contribute to the valuable work being undertaken by FENW.

John Roberts, Regional Director of VINCI Construction UKs Building division said:

The VINCI UK Foundation will provide fresh opportunities for people suffering social exclusion and disadvantage. It will also provide a framework that will enable our employees to become personally involved in initiatives by using their experience and skills to benefit the local community. Im looking forward to seeing the difference the VINCI UK Foundation will make in Cheshire and to other communities throughout the UK.

John Marsland, Service Manager for FENW said:

This grant and accompanying construction offer from the VINCI UK Foundation builds on our high quality health and wellbeing offer to some of the most vulnerable homeless people in our area. We have recently finished work on our end of life centre within our Chester service and aim to continue offering the best homeless service in the North West. We look forward to working with VINCI to help us extend our services.

Pictured from left to right:

John Roberts, Regional Director, VINCI Construction UK Building Division North West
Colin Rankin, Business Development Director VINCI Construction UK - Building Division
Will Grattan, Senior Design Manager, VINCI Construction UK - Building Division North West
Sarah McGrady, FENW Service Manager, Richmond Court
Alan Jones, Commercial Director, VINCI Construction UK Building Division
Charlotte Bailey, Chester University 2nd Year Student Nurse.
John Thurwell, FENW Customer
John Marsland, FENW Service Manager, Dispersed Properties and Outreach

Date: 05/10/2016

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