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All the cranes have been dismantled from the King’s Cross Central B1 Plot

The contractor VINCI Construction UK, developers BNP Paribas Real Estate, Camden Council and Transport for London worked together to ensure the large-scale engineering project progressed as seamlessly as possible.

The removed crane was made up of 65 metres of mast sections, 34 tonnes of concrete counter balance weights and a 45 metre main jib, which was positioned in the centre of the project site.

Traffic management and control included the closure of Pancras Road (the main road between Kings Cross and St Pancras Stations), a coach park and car park over a 48-hour period, so that the mobile removal crane would have full, uninterrupted access.

The 8.3 tonne ‘A’ frame at the top of the original crane was the heaviest item to bring down by the 500 tonne mobile removal crane, which also came equipped with a 57.7 metre main boom, 46 metre luffing boom and 90 tonnes of counter balance weights.

The mobile crane was further utilised to install steel beams at roof level, allowing roof infill slabs to be constructed and the building made watertight at the north end.

One of six buildings that make up Zone B, Building B1 will include retail and office space, a police station, and is separated into north and south zones by a central atrium.

Phil Willmott, Major Projects Director for VINCI Construction UK, commented: “Key to this successful crane removal was the collaboration and constant discussion between all parties involved. While ever mindful of the huge repercussions the dismantling would have on roads, we continue to focus on the long-term benefits that the King’s Cross regeneration project will bring to the area.”

Date: 15/08/2014

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