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The name VINCI reflects the genius of Leonardo da Vinci – artist, scientist and engineer who symbolises the best in innovation, creativity and technological mastery. This is what we, as a company, aspire to bring to our projects.

You can view the ‘Mona Lisa’ campaign that celebrated the birth of the VINCI brand below.



The VINCI signature, introduced in 2006, reflects the belief that success is about more than economic performance and technical prowess. Real success derives from mutually beneficial partnerships with clients and suppliers, serving the public interest, and recognising our employees’ efforts and achievements. It is the success we share.



The logo is made up of a word mark element and two connectors which were used in medieval stonemasonry to fasten cathedral stones together. These connectors symbolise the strength and unity of a diverse range of business streams all working together.

CommitmentsOur Manifesto

VINCI is committed to a sustainable development policy conducted in a spirit of partnership, outreach and dialogue with all our public and private sector partners.

Published in 2012, our Manifesto summarises our corporate social and environmental commitments.

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2014 : "How VINCI became VINCI"

The Group has of course changed a lot since it was founded back in the 19th century, but its two large business lines, concessions and contracting, have been around since the beginning. This movie is an invitation to discover the history of VINCI.

2007 : "The Human Bridge"

Our ‘Human Bridge’ marketing campaign is a visual demonstration of how people and the public interest are at the heart of everything we do.

2000 : "The Mona Lisa"

This campaign was carried out to mark the birth of the VINCI brand. It offers an imaginary voyage to the heart of Leonardo Da VINCI's masterpiece and explores the Group's business lines.


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