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VINCI Construction UK launches new Health & Safety strategy – THINK AGAIN

VINCI Construction UK launches new Health & Safety strategy – THINK AGAIN

VCUK has introduced a refreshed approach to improving health & safety which recognises the significant role that behaviour has on influencing the performance of the organisation.

THINK AGAIN will focus on how behaviour and choice can help to drive positive outcomes making our workplaces safer and healthier places for our people, contractors and clients.

The core of the programme will be reflected in a framework of six essential behaviours that everyone in the business will adopt to help ensure that excellent culture leads to excellence in performance.

Gary Carvell, Health, Safety, Quality & Environment Director said:

“Human behaviour is a complex thing, we know that, and understanding why people choose to work unsafely is fundamental to understanding how those choices can be influenced. However, unlike some behavioural programmes, we don’t just focus on the person who’s been injured and what they did or didn’t do.

“We recognise the importance of interdependence, within teams and most importantly, up and down the ‘management line’. That’s why there are also six essential behaviours for Managers & Supervisors and a further six for the senior leadership team.”

The THINK AGAIN programme will make it clear to everyone the behaviours expected of them, and the behaviours they can expect from others as part of a fair and accountable culture.

Gary Carvell continued,

“VINCI Construction’s record on Health & Safety is good – there is a consistent downward trend in most of our measures. But we refuse to allow our confidence to trick us into being comfortable and we want to be better. Our goal is to reduce injuries and ill health at work as far as we possibly can. That’s why we’re taking this opportunity to think again.”

Date: 01 April 2019

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