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World Environment Day 2019

World Environment Day 2019

Today is World Environment Day and this year’s theme is #BeatAirPollution

Today offers us a chance to consider how we can make changes in our daily lives to reduce air pollution. In addition to harming human health, air pollution harms our natural environment including decreasing the oxygen supply in our oceans and contributing to climate change. Air pollution impacts all of us and we all have a role to play to keep our air clean.

There are many ways you can reduce your emissions to support our commitment to Respect and Protect the environment.

• Use materials with a high or completely recycled content
• Reducing the amount of waste and single use plastic you generate
• Reduce pollution from your supply chain through purchasing local products and services
• Use public transport and/or car share
• Turn all electronic devices off at the end of the day
• Raise awareness amongst colleagues, friends and family

Embrace World Environment Day and do what you can to beat air pollution, on 5th June and every day.

Date: 05 June 2019

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