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Bruno Dupety resigns as VINCI Construction UK’s Chief executive and Chairman

Bruno Dupety resigns as VINCI Construction UK’s Chief executive and Chairman

VINCI Construction UK announces that Bruno Dupety has resigned as its Chief executive and Chairman and that he will act as a consultant to the company from August onwards. He will remain involved in a few major projects.

Bruno Dupety has led VINCI Construction UK since late 2014 and overseen a move to a much stronger position so that it is well placed for the future. At the mid-point of the calendar year
VINCI Construction UK is in a robust financial situation, with a strong order book for 2019 that builds on a solid performance in 2018.

Bruno Dupety said,

“With the support of the wider VINCI group, an excellent team and the commitment of our people, we managed to turn the business around. The company has improved a lot, in terms of delivering its services, quality, productivity, digitalisation and creating a stronger culture and embedding better decision making. The business is in a good place – as a reward of our efforts, our Building division, and our Facilities management division had the best year ever in 2018. Now is a good time to make a change.”

From 5 August, Jerome Stubler, the Chairman and CEO of VINCI Construction in France, will act as CEO for the UK business, with Bruno’s support.

Jerome Stubler said:

“I am very pleased to take over this position and looking forward to working with a great team which has contributed to build up a much stronger company over the last few years. I wish to address special thanks to Bruno, who has managed the company with a very clear and focused business sense. We will continue to deliver our services to our customers with the same principles of excellence. “

Date: 05 August 2019

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