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COVID-19 - Statement

COVID-19 - Statement

In this unprecedented crisis, our absolute priority at VINCI is the safety and health of all our employees, customers and partners, through strict compliance with the instructions from public authorities in all the geographies where we operate.

Our companies play a major role in society and the economy, and our work is often essential to activity continuity. This is especially true as regards keeping transport, energy and communication infrastructure in operation. We are also doing everything within our reach to provide the public services we have been entrusted with under our concession contracts.

Notwithstanding our commitment, when circumstances so require, we have to interrupt some activities, some projects. And, of course, we are adjusting to developments in the situation day after day.

Please rest assured that our teams are entirely committed to ensuring VINCI fully participates in the collective effort required to stand up to this new type of challenge.

Xavier Huillard
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Date: 24 March 2020

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