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Build Back Better for Health Projects

Build Back Better for Health Projects

The Covid-19 crisis has brought forward long-term change for everyone. The unexpected challenges of the pandemic have not only broken down barriers but have also been the catalyst to new ways of working and innovative ideas.

IHP (Integrated Health Projects), the joint venture between VINCI Construction UK and Sir Robert McAlpine, who delivered the NHS Nightingale Hospital North West in under two weeks and accelerated Preston’s Critical Care Unit programme by seven weeks along with building a brand new intensive care unit at The Christie in under five, demonstrates that the built environment can be provided with staggering flexibility, collaboration and pace.

It was a humbling experience for those teams working in the difficult conditions imposed by social distancing measures. They came together for a common purpose, beyond commercial profit, and delivered results, to the same demanding high standards of quality and safety, in a time frame that would have been unconceivable only a few months before.

These achievements show how quickly decisions can be made when everyone is working intently towards a shared goal. We must apply the lessons learnt to ensure future projects are delivered collaboratively and efficiently for our clients.

The “Build Back Better” ambition for the post Covid-19 recovery offers an empowering perspective on this change. For IHP, it now also means addressing the global challenges of the climate emergency and delivering future proof facilities that will benefit generations for years to come. This translates into a stringent focus on net zero carbon and digitally enhanced healthcare services.

Date: 17 August 2020

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