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VINCI Construction UK supports Apprenticeship Week at New Victoria project

VINCI Construction UK supports Apprenticeship Week at New Victoria project

To coincide with National Apprenticeship Week, VINCI Construction UK invited a number of apprentices to visit our live project at New Victoria, Manchester; the construction of two residential buildings, 25-storeys and 20-storeys including ground floor amenity and retail space.

VINCI Construction UK and Donegans have recently achieved the breakthrough tunnelling works which forms part of the S185 drainage diversions works. Part of these works include 2no shafts which are approximately 12-14m deep, with the timber heading tunnel works which connect the two manholes at invert level. The works involved were complex, due to the existing ground conditions and the number of existing stat services installed over the years, due to the city centre demands.

As part of the site visit, the apprentices were given a brief presentation on the deep drainage works. To comply with Covid restrictions, the apprentices were split up into two separate groups and given a guided tour of the site by members of the project staff. Once the tour had finished there was a Q&A and a debrief session. This enabled the group to offer and share any best practices of how these works could be implemented on their specific projects. The apprentices were then tasked with completing a detailed report of the days event; this gave the group an opportunity to record any observations they made during the tour.

Overall, the site visit provided the apprentices with the opportunity to gain an understanding of how these complex works occur and how they are managed on one of our sites.

To ensure the visits are sustained for apprentices to experience, it is now the intention to visit another live project in approximately 6-8 weeks-time.

We would like to thank the New Victoria project team for providing a detailed presentation and assisting with the site visit.

Date: 17 February 2021

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