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INSTITUTION OF CIVIL ENGINEERSAfter more than a century of use, the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) was closed for three months to allow the Building Solutions division of VINCI Facilities to refurbish the Grade II-listed building and improve its energy efficiency and accessibility. 

Key elements of the project included specialist cleaning and restoration of the external stonework, maintenance of the roof and ornate glass roof lights, as well as replacement of an external platform lift at the main entrance.

The internal programme included the revamp of the library, home to the world’s largest civil engineering collection of more than 130,000 publications, to repurpose it as the new Infrastructure Learning Hub for which VINCI Construction UK is one of the founding partners.

Work was undertaken in the lavishly decorated Great Hall by a specialist subcontractor to clean the painted ceiling and gold cornice.  Fluorescent lighting was replaced by LED alternatives and secondary double glazing was installed to the refurbished windows in order to improve the energy efficiency of the space.

“This was a complex project with limited timescales due to key events in ICE’s calendar.  However, VINCI Facilities demonstrated its understanding of and total commitment to our requirements.  Solutions were sought, agreed and delivered to ensure the client’s objectives were met.  This resulted in a successful project which showcases the skills VINCI Facilities has in this sector.”

Mike Stephens, ICE Project Sponsor

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