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Creating value through all-round performanceA sustainable approach to creating value

VINCI Construction UK is a private company operating in the public environment. The construction and maintenance of schools, hospitals, transport assets and other infrastructure helps to keep our society running. But it is not the only way we generate social value.

Since the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 came into force, contractors and service providers seeking work in the public sector have been obliged to demonstrate economic, social and environmental wellbeing in connection with their bids.

For VINCI, creating social value has always been at the heart of our operations. It’s something we do because it is right for our clients, right for their communities, right for the environment, and right for us. It has never been a tick box exercise.

Our project teams actively seek environmentally sustainable solutions, minimising waste and carbon emissions. They provide work experience and training opportunities for local people. Local suppliers and SMEs are engaged wherever possible. We actively promote the Considerate Constructors Scheme , which encourages environmental awareness and good neighbourliness on construction sites.

But true social value is achieved where a service provider works in partnership with local stakeholders to leave a lasting legacy of improvement. Our Manifesto includes a pledge to support the civic engagement of our employees, either directly or through one of the Group’s many foundations. We are justly proud of our record in this respect.

We fund numerous schemes aimed at developing local people’s skills and life chances or enhancing the local environment. Our people are always ready to donate their time, energy and skills to rewarding projects, whether that is painting a school, restoring a war memorial or raising money for a hospice.

We encourage our supply chain to become equally involved and monitor their performance. We are partners to the Supply Chain Sustainability School, which helps suppliers to assess and improve their knowledge of sustainability.

Finally, the knowledge and resources of our world-class Technology Centre is available to all our divisions. This means our teams can draw on its expertise in developing innovative solutions that benefit the client and the environment, promoting sustainability in all our projects.

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