VINCI Construction UK

Sustainable Development


We create innovative solutions to improve productivity and deliver value for money for our customers. We do this in a number of ways.

Our culture challenges complacency, encouraging teams to continuously question the status quo and seek better, more efficient ways of doing things. We listen and we act.

We believe in collaboration and early engagement, ensuring a dialogue between customers, the project team and other stakeholders from the start. Early identification of potential problems helps to cut costs, improve efficiency and produce the best outcomes for all parties.

We are committed to developing a building information modelling (BIM) capability that will streamline project delivery and make the management of built assets and facilities more efficient. To read our BIM policy click here.

We have a strong partnership culture and believe in building sustainable business relationships. This creates trust and harmonious working environments that ensure contracts run smoothly.

We are actively working to improve our internal business processes to ensure we deliver the most efficient, cost-effective service. Our IT team is building digital structures that have customers, both internal and external, at the heart.

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