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We ensure that any type of project or programme of works can be delivered efficiently, embedded with social value and has a mix of technical expertise and local knowledge to deliver superior outcomes for our clients.

This is testament on our ProCure22 framework, which is a fully integrated joint venture, Integrated Health Projects (IHP) and combines stability, capacity, coverage and experience.  It was formed in April 2003, specifically to act as a principal supply chain partner (PSCP) for ProCure21/21+/22. We have been engaged on 165 projects, valued at more than £1.5bn, for 67 NHS clients.

If you’re leading the procurement of construction services, you may be considering the use of a Framework agreement.  Such agreements enable long-term strategic relationships between the client, suppliers and other stakeholders. They provide a compliant procurement mechanism that provides clients with the freedom to award contracts to a construction partner that has been pre-selected onto the Framework.  

Multiple contracts can be awarded on a Framework without the need to re-advertise and re-apply the selection and award criteria, leading to all parties saving the substantial time and cost of repeat bidding.

In addition, the long-term nature of these framework partnerships, coupled with their inherent performance measurement systems, enables successive projects to be compared and benchmarked to ensure that lessons are transferred and continuous improvement is embedded into the process.

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