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Suppliers who feel integral to our business are most capable of helping us deliver projects on time and within budget.  Our supply chain strategy is designed to encourage openness, trust and collaboration and we have created a set of relationship guidelines to ensure that these aspirations underpin the way we work. 

We have strategic partnerships with a number of large national suppliers and we also support local economies by engaging with local suppliers and SMEs.  We are partners to the Supply Chain Sustainability School which provides a free virtual learning tool for suppliers to assess and improve their knowledge of sustainability.

If you would like to be considered for future partnerships, the next step is to register on our iPortal supply chain system.  For stage one approval, you will need to be registered with ConstructionLine and accredited under one of the Safety Schemes in Procurement.

Click here to access the iPortal.

For guidance on how to register for the iPortal please click here.

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